A GleamGenie car valet will leave your car smelling fresh, however, in extreme cases a normal valet will not get rid of all bad smells as there are areas of the vehicle we can’t reach. The fog created by OdourGo permeates every area of the vehicle, under seats, air vents and air-conditioning units – areas that a normal valet can not. We can provide this as a single service but many odours will require at least a shampoo first. Proven to remove all smells, pets, tobacco, mould and general odours. As this is a special service it is not included in our full or interior valet but there is a 50% discount when added to a full or interior valet.

Small (Corsa, Polo) Medium (Astra, Focus) Large (Mondeo, Passat) Ex Large (Range Rover)
OdourGo £28.00 £28.00 £28.00 £28.00