Retain your car’s value


Remember a valet on your car will retain the price of your vehicle and above all a clean image for you.

A regular GleamGenie Valet on your vehicle will help retain its value, the Parkers Price Guide issued the following guide for a BMW X5 01. In Good condition the car is valued at £19330 however in Poor condition the value drops to £17055, a difference of £2275. At GleamGenie to keep your car in showroom condition we recommend 10 monthly mini valets and 2 full valets every year at a total cost of £438 (for this size of car). If you are planning on selling your vehicle the value a regular valet will make on your vehicle is clear to see. The Guide defines a car in Poor condition as ‘below-average condition, which cannot be restored to clean condition… body may be rusty… interior may be stained…’ A regular GleamGenie valet will keep your car in above-average, clean condition, preventing rusting and remove stains.

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