Keeping your car gleaming is a difficult task. It often requires a deep, intensive clean, a clean that simply cannot be accomplished without specialist techniques and equipment. Providing the car valeting Glasgow and surrounding areas depends on, we are Gleam Genie. Our fantastic valeting services will have your car looking as good as it did when you first bought it.

We can perform general valets for the interior and the exterior of a car. An interior valet has us cleaning everything from the rubber mats to the door panels. Your car will be given a thorough vacuum clean, all vinyls and plastics will be polished, and the ashtrays will be cleaned. The interior is scented and given a fresh new lease on life. For general exterior cleans, we clean everything from the bumpers and the mirrors to the wheel arches and the sunroof. Your car will be left sparkling clean and will look as if it just left the factory. Interiors start at just £47 while exteriors start at just £39, an absolute bargain no matter which one you choose.

We offer a series of thorough valet packages as well. Our super-mini valet, offering everything from a pressure washing and a polish to a vacuuming of the inside and acid cleaning the wheels. Our full valet helps keep your car in pristine condition, targeting everything possible with a deep clean. Seats are shampooed, bumpers, window seals and wheel archers are cleaned, carpets are shampooed and vacuumed, the mats are cleaned and a polish is given to the windows, vinyls, plastics and more. The Platinum clean is deep and will doubtlessly restore your car back to pristine condition. Your car is washed, polished and waxed and everything from your carpets to your seats are shampooed and vacuumed. All exterior plastics and vinyls are restored, all door panels are cleaned, the dashboard is polished, a sealant and polish is applied, rubber mats and mirrors are cleaned and a whole host of other services are provided. These packages range from starting at £32 for the Super-mini valet to starting at £220 for the Platinum valet. We also have OdourGo, a machine that dispenses a fog which permeates through difficult to reach areas such as under the seats, in the air vents and air conditioning units. Combined with our shampoo service, it allows us to completely eradicate stubborn odours such as those from pets and tobacco, leaving your vehicle smelling fresh.

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service, regardless of which package you choose. Our fully-equipped vans mean that, wherever you are, we can come to your location and valet your vehicle as quickly as possible. You will see the best results possible with no damage whatsoever thanks to our highly trained staff who are highly skilled and experienced on working on cars of every type and make. We have worked for prestigious clients from ASDA to Marks & Spencer and have received a wide variety of testimonials from customers who are extremely pleased with the level of service that we provide. We have been providing our expert car valeting services for over a decade and there is no doubt that we are the best company for car valeting Glasgow has to offer. When your car needs a lease on life, get in contact with us and we will be there to give it a thorough valet. You can also book online using our comprehensive form, allowing us to respond to any enquiries quickly.